Saturday, 8 April 2017

Star Wars, Episode 8 fan theory on Snoke

WARNING. May contain spoilers.

Everybody's talking about who Supreme Leader Snoke is in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars. Some suggest he is Palpatine's old master back from the dead as cheating death was, after all, discussed with Anakin. Others say he could be a completely new character.

What if he is something much more fundamental than this? He did say he had seen the rise and fall of the Empire.
Yoda, Anakin and Obi-wan were all force ghosts at the end of Return of the Jedi; maybe he's a dark force equivalent?
But what if the dark side ghosts don't play nicely together? What if they all combine into something much more sinister? A single evil. Perhaps Snoke is the mixture of all the dead dark force users?
His power increases every time a bad user dies. He'd have been happy to see Vader kill the Emperor and Count Dooku. He'd have encouraged Palpatine to kill Darth Plagueis and push for the rule of two.
This would also make him want Kylo Ren to become very dark, by killing his father, Han Solo.
The plan in Episode VIII might be to have Kylo face his previous master, Luke Skywalker. Luke kills him, Snoke absorbs the life force, then Rey gets upset by this and is turned to the dark side too. Luke and Finn may then turn her back.

Perhaps Luke sacrifices himself to join the light side ghosts to bring balance back to the force? Would make sense of what Ben Kenobi did in Episode IV.
Another reason Snoke might be an amalgamation of evil might be his sheer size and disfigurement. All injuries the many dead have had are seen, he does have a similar scar to Vader/Anakin.
Being a ghost would also have given Snoke the chance to seduce Ben Solo. Luke would never have allowed an actual meeting. He could have visited Ben in visions.

Any thoughts? Just a fan theory for fun! Can't wait for December to see what happens next!

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