My name is Ant. I live in the North West of England, just a 'Ferry Across The Mersey' from Liverpool. I share my home with cats and rabbits.

I am a vegan, write science fiction/fantasy and am a scientist, having an honours degree in chemistry. Been in full-time employment since University. Enjoy trying to solve physics problems, from the nature of quantum gravity to the origin and fate of the Universe.

I'm usually drinking coffee, eating out, enjoying art in various forms or watching TV quiz shows. Not too bad at drawing, ok at table tennis, go to the gym; kettlebells, weights and cardio. I spend a few weeks a year in a cave in spain!

I was born on the original Star Wars day prematurely - obviously wanted to see it ASAP! I love animals.

Thanks for visiting.

Celestial Spheres is a short story science fiction/fantasy/space opera series.

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