Tuesday, 24 January 2017

My first guest blog interview

The lovely author, Sylvia Massara, who I 'met' on Twitter did an interview blog with me.

You can read it here: - It's not Adam Ant but Ant Ryan!

Sylvia Massara is a multi-genre author based in Sydney, Australia. She loves to dabble in wacky love affairs, drama, murder, sci-fi (or anything else that takes her fancy) over good coffee.

Born in Argentina from Italian and Spanish descent (with a bit of Swiss thrown in) and transplanted to Australia at age 10, Sylvia describes herself as a bit of a  "moggie" cat by way of mixed pedigree. She is also a citizen of the world as she has travelled widely throughout most of her life and she's the proud owner of three passports.

From a creative perspective, Sylvia has been writing since her early teens and her work consists of novels, screenplays and freelance writing. She has also dabbled in acting on and off, songwriting and even had her own band during her teens/early 20s where she performed at various venues.

As with most authors, Sylvia draws on her varied experience from the often puzzling tapestry of life. A few years ago Sylvia resigned from the human race because she discovered the animal kingdom was a much nicer place to be.

Currently, Sylvia lives with her cat, Mia; and always vicariously through the many characters in her head. Occasionally, Sylvia ventures into the world of humans, and she cherishes genuine friendships as they are a rare find.

Sylvia has recently released her 7th novel, The Stranger, a sci-fi apocalyptic romance with moralistic issues that involve the fight of love vs evil in the cosmos.


  1. Hi Ant, it was a pleasure having you as a guest on Sylvia Says. And I hope you can come up with a way to "teleport" or travel through a wormhole so I can be reunited with David Bowie--Yes, I am a die-hard Bowiehead!


  2. I would love to be able to reunite you with Bowie. LEGEND! Mathematically wormholes are possible, though, I believe very unpredictable, like one in part 3 of Celestial Spheres. Plus they may spaghettify everything that passes through :/


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